History of the Winston-Salem Twins

In the 70s and  80s, the only youth soccer option was the Optimist League, a recreational soccer program.  In the mid 1980s the idea of travel soccer reached the town of Winston Salem and Twin City Youth Soccer Association (a non-profit entity) was born to provide a higher level of soccer for players in the area.  The program was completely “volunteer led”.  It was hard to get 11 plus subs to join a team.  Most teams had 8 players that would be good enough for travel soccer and then 6-8 who were willing to play.  They played at Dixie Classic Fairgrounds in the middle of the dirt track which proved a lot of fun right after the Dixie Classic Fair when Fair debris from the Demolition Derbies was still floating around.  They practiced and played on unkempt fields.  They were dedicated to their soccer passion.

At the turn of the Millennium, the club had two separate divisions, the Challenge League and the Classic League, but no Recreation program.  Practices were spread out all over town.  Some fields had some grass.  Some fields were dirt.  Many teams shared with other teams and some shared with a baseball team.  One dad recalls coaching his son’s soccer team while shagging fly balls from baseball practice so no one got hit.  Twins played all games at Sara Lee Fields or Hine Park and hosted one event each year – the Twin City Classic – using fields all over town.    


In 2004, as more teams formed, as membership grew to over 600 players, and more volunteers got involved, the Board of Directors realized that to truly service the needs of its membership, a practice facility, “a home,”  was needed.  A true visionary leader, David Neill, got involved to show the vision of the club and to build a field of dreams.  Through David’s leadership, the club organized a Capital Campaign, called Winning Goals, to raise the necessary funds to build a training and event facility on an open field just over the Yadkin River in Davie County.  

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